Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked Product Photo questions to help you plan ahead for your next project.

  1. –Description of your job, product(s), most times after initial contact, I’ll know what I’m shooting but sometimes clients will need more than they initially think.
  2. – Are there any grouped product shots, or just single product in frame only?
  3. – How you would like them photographed? With or without ingredients, props etc.  Knowing the wanted or unwanted angles, shadows, backdrop colors, product placement, looking straight on or at an angle, any vital details you can give about your vision is critical to ensuring that the photos I take will fit your brand.

After submitting your inquiry, you will receive a confirmation with instructions on how and where to ship your items. Carefully pack up all the items that you need photographed and ship them to me via UPS, FedEx or USPS.  Please be sure the labels are straight and the product is in excellent condition.

Yes of course!  If you need your items returned I will ship them back, please just include a prepaid UPS, FedEx or USPS shipping label in the package, or email the digital label to me and I can print it out.  Or I can send it and just bill you for shipping charges.
I can also store your products for future shoots or discard them if you don’t need them back.  For export reasons, return shipping is limited to domestic US addresses only.

Depending on the product, I can use simple foods or   For more involved or larger shoots I have a prop stylist that could be added to enhance the product look and feel.

I charge by the hour for my home studio. I begin with a 2 hour minimum, as nothing usually takes less time to set up and shoot, and it’s not worth the time and effort otherwise.  For larger jobs, I have half and full day rates.

This is usually the first question people have; (but a lot needs to be considered and that’s why I’ve listed it later in the FAQ)  I charge $300 per hour, after the two hour minimum of $400.  Usually, one or a group of products won’t take me more than 2 hours to complete, larger jobs however, can take a half or a full day’s time.  My half day rates are $1,500 and full day product photo rates are $3,000 and that includes a 10 hour workday, the full package, edited and prop styled.

As soon as your product photography shoot is done:

  1. I will email you proof(s) to review.
  2. You approve your proof(s).
  3. I then email you a download link for your files. That same link can be forwarded to your designer, or anyone else on your team that needs access to your selected photos.

The quick answer is whatever you need. Listed below are widely used options:

  • Standard File: Jpeg – 3000px on long side @ 72dpi
  • Designer’s File – High Res TIFF – 3000px on long side @ 300 dpi
  • Transparent Web-Ready PNG – 3000px on long side @ 72dpi

Before starting your project I will send you a quote with a payment link which you can use to accept the quote and pay a 50% deposit. When I photograph your project I will send a proof image for your approval. When final images are done, you’ll need to pay the full invoice before the files are delivered to you.

You can pay online with PayPal, Venmo or any major Credit Card.

My base prices for product photography include basic retouching. I will perform minor editing, color correcting, and retouch any distinct defects.  If your product requires additional time, I will contact you to approve the extra cost.  I will provide you with an estimate.  The fee is $80/hour billed in 30-minute increments.

A lot! I can take as little or as many as you want of each product. Since I charge per hour you get to decide. I will usually take 5-10 per product depending on what the product is and which angles are needed if any. If you need help deciding how many photos you need, please contact me and I can help guide you based on your product, where you plan to sell, and your budget. I always recommend at least two photos of each product/item. Product photos help sell your items and having more than 1 photo can help increase your conversion rates and bottom line. This is especially true for Amazon or Facebook Marketplace Sellers.

I will keep the images for 30 days from the date the shots were first made available to you for download. I highly recommend that you make backup copies of all files contained within your records.

Yes, if you want, you can have the RAW files, which is literally the footprint or the negative of the image. This gives you full rights to the image forever and if needed, this is at an added cost that I can give when you get the quote.  If full RAW files are not needed, client will receive full resolution JPG files.

The high quality digital imaging, pre and post production that I provide are customizable and scalable; specifically I can integrate into your existing brand’s style to create a seamless photography process that you will feel is best to represent your current esthetic.

Additionally, I can present a cost-effective and time sensitive solution to photograph your entire product line, as I have a home studio for the smaller jobs and quick turnaround or a massive 3,000 square foot rental at my disposal with prop styling, and technical support on hand for large productions. My number one goal is to deliver high quality photography ready for web or catalogue use, print, social or large print media creating an immediate return on investment. 

I take pride in my photography and I fully understand that these images are part of the face of your company and need to represent your branding.  I’m truly excited to know how I can help!