Writing about yourself is never easy, but in an effort to introduce myself to you, I realize there are a few important things you should know about me. I fell in love with the art of photography in my 20’s. I was on a boat in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean with a disposable camera and 24 exposures. I would sit by myself staring at the stars, or waking up before the sun, looking at the different textures of the light hitting the water at any given time of day and noticing how vastly different it looked just moments before. I realized then, that I needed a camera in my hands. I felt the need to document visually the moments in time that I would never get back. …And do it in a way that would impact whomever looked at these images. Whether it was to remind them of something they’d seen, expose them to something new, or inspire them to go out and look again at something they’d missed. 


From there I went on to take courses at the local college where I was living at the time. I learned about developing film and printing photos. Shortly after that, the birth of digital images allowed me to put away the chemicals, come out from the dark room and learn about photography directly from my camera. 


Over the next 20 years I worked on refining my technique, developing my style and experimenting with a vast array of equipment. What opened up for me as a result was a world of opportunities to travel to places like New Zealand and Iceland for assignments and photograph images that inspired and awed me. 


Over these years, I have worked with large companies shooting product and events; small start-ups shooting content for social media. I’ve had the pleasure of being the guy behind the lens documenting weddings and engagements; and have worked closely with visual professionals including stylists and interior designers, capturing their work. 


I feel fortunate to call Pacific Grove, California my home where I live with my wife and my two year-old son. Living within walking distance of the ocean affords me amazing backdrops for photo shoots right in my back yard, as well as access to great surfing. 


Even though my work takes me all over the globe, I have developed a relationship with many clients that allows me to work from my studio and create visual content for them on a regular basis to support the marketing of their brand and product. I have an arsenal of lights and lenses and drones to put to work on all projects great and small… so let’s talk. 


I look forward to meeting you and especially to working with you to create some great visuals!

Equipment List









Theta 360 Camera (2)




Sony GM 24-70mm

Sony 70-200mm

Sony 28-70

Zeiss 16-35mm

Nikkor 10.5mm

Nikkor 28-300

Nikkor 70-300


Paul C. Buff Digibee 800

Godox AD400 Pro

Litegear Panels

Neewer Ring lights


DJI Phantom 3

DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Pro 2